Frontit – your change partner for success

At Frontit our passion for helping others succeed is at the forefront of everything we do and for the past 40 years we’ve been helping both private and public sector organisations improve and grow by providing professional consulting services in business development, project, program and portfolio management, as well as competence development.

We specialise in complex or business-critical projects and change initiatives at all organisational levels, with our team comprising some of Sweden’s most experienced consultants in their field. With over 190 experts in Stockholm, Sundsvall, Västerås, Norrköping, Örebro and Malmö we are geographically positioned to provide our consulting services to a wide-range of branches within the private and public sectors.

You know your business needs best and we have the tools and expertise to help you strengthen and grow. Our ethos of being open-minded to your business requirements means that we contribute with new perspectives, deciding together which solutions will benefit your business the most.

We pride ourselves on being an independent partner to our customers, allowing us to offer an unbiased approach, and to adapt and advise on the best way forward using common or customised methods and solutions.

ikon-versamhets_processutvecklingManagement Consulting

Strategy execution, organisational efficiency and effectiveness are three challenging areas for most companies, even when a solid strategy is in place and there’s a good understanding of the problems at hand. However, implementing the changes required to address these challenges is more difficult, as everyday life often comes in the way of long-term strategies. A classic conflict of “urgent in the short term” versus “important in the long term”.

Do you carry out the right projects at the right time, proactively manage project and organisational risk or stop perceived failed projects while continuing with those that will finish within scope, timeframe and budget but will not realise benefits in the long-term?

This is where Frontit’s experienced management consultants can support you from strategy execution to delivery. We help you to set up and maintain ways that enable you to prioritise, organise and gain control of your projects and initiatives, providing transparency for strategic governance at senior management level and structure for decisions at tactical and operational level.

Our aim is to create sustainable results for your company. After finishing an assignment, the result and your improved competence level remain in your organization. We help to improve your company’s ability to successfully manage change and development and to achieve tangible and lasting results.

ikon-projektledningProject Management

Project management is the DNA on which Frontit was founded in 1969 and since then we have been helping our customers improve their project organisation maturity and providing hands-on delivery of projects. Leadership is key and we have attracted Sweden’s most experienced leaders in project management who can manage challenging stakeholder environments, complex business critical projects and motivate their project teams to deliver in high-pace organisations.

Besides project and program managers, we offer consultancy services in other leading project roles as well such as business analysts, test leaders and scrum masters.  We do, however, take on any type of project.

Frontit does not apply a specific method. While methods provide structure and the necessary tools, they should be used with care. Our extensive insights into different approaches allows us to cherry-pick from different methodologies. Meeting a project’s objectives is only half the job. To us, a successful project is one that adds true value to your business.

ikon-utbildningCompetence development

At the heart of every organisation are the people who contribute daily to its long-term growth and success. Continuous learning is a natural part of today’s business life. Many of our customers have established long-term relationships with us as their competence development partner. With Frontit you have a partner with a passion for your personal development, regardless of what future you would like to shape.
Our business is knowledge and therefore our competence development consultants are experienced leaders, with both feet placed firmly in the real world. As such, they are well placed to relate to your everyday challenges. They also have the pedagogical skills required to support your goals on our courses whether they be to prepare you for your next career move or that next big project delivery. Combining theoretical knowledge with practical exercises, our courses offer the right mix of learning methods, and our specialised trainers can adapt your training to your personal strengths and weaknesses. Frontit has trained more than 35,000 people since its foundation in 1969. This makes us one of Sweden’s most experienced training partners. We offer courses in:

  • Leadership
  • Project management
  • Agile methods
  • Business intelligence

We offer open as well as company-specific courses. For senior managers and project managers in need of one-on-one support we can also provide mentorship and leadership coaching. Goals, scope and set up of a mentorship or leadership program is discussed on an individual basis with the adept/coachee and is carried out in the strictest confidence and on a strong basis of trust. Furthermore at Frontit we have a long tradtion of sharing our experiences internally as well as to our customers. This is why we invite our customers to participate in a continuous dialog around new methods and theories within ie our PMO networks. Or, why not come along to one of our many open seminars free of charge? We are an agile company, working continuously to improve ourselves in every possible way, and being passionate about your success.